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Dances and parties are my specialty! Many of my years learning in the DJ Booth were spent in clubs, pubs, and at Greek functions. (See my Biography Page.) This experience has armed me with the ability to beat mix HOT dance sets and interact with the crowd. To a real DJ - this is where it is at! A party or dance is the perfect venue because unlike a wedding reception, there are far less formalities and much more emphasis on the music.

After I set up my equipment, the room becomes just like a club. Of course, I would never overwhelm a room, but if appropriate, I set up 4 JBL Powered Eon Speakers and a Powered dual 18" Sub Woofer, lights, lasers, beacons, special effects and more (see my
Lighting and Special Effects Page). I built my show to rival some of the systems I had seen on the East Coast, so, for this area, it is better than many of the local clubs.

Whether it is a corporate Christmas party, school dance, or any other event; I know how to keep the dance floor full. I stay very current on the most recent dance hits, while maintaining ample experience with the 40s, 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s hits as well. A lot of the music I buy comes from remix services in New York and Los Angeles; consequently, I have not only all of the latest songs, but in many cases versions that are not typically heard around here.

Many of my shows at schools and/or corporate functions are repeat performances. I work extremely hard to personalize every show. After doing shows for many years, I have become quite adept at reading crowds and adapting my performance to the event at hand. If you want to take a trip back to the Wonder Years, climb aboard the "A" Train, twist the night away in your blue suede shoes, fall off your platform shoes into Funkytown, decide to get Jiggy Wit It in your Thong- Ta Thong, Thong, Thong, or just want to Dip It Low because of a Bad Romance - check out my
Biography, Lighting and Special Effects, and References pages.

If you are in charge of booking entertainment for a large group and are anxious about meeting expectations - Invite My Show To Your Show - Book Sean Hearn with Music in Motion - A Sound Investment!


What a fancy name for a company party. Let me turn your next stuffy, necktie, corporate event into a fruitful bonding experience. Just like the paraphrasing in the beginning of this section. It takes someone with experience and creativity to cut through the corporate fears and anxieties and pull everyone from the bosses to the sanitation engineers into the fun.

For example, maybe first thing, I announce that I will give exactly 3 minutes from the sound of the bell. I will award a $25 gift certificate for the woman who can present me with the most neckties (which I will give back, of course!) Ding. Ding. Hence, the women help me to lighten the atmosphere before we even get started. This gives the executives a perfect excuse to lose those restrictive ties (which they wanted to do anyway), we create a fun frenzy to wake everyone up, and we have (visually anyway) created a less stressful and intimidating environment.

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This type of party calls for a special music library and a unique personality. If the party is for older celebrants, it may call for classic music such as Big Band hits. However, many of the younger guests are more accustomed to more recent music. It can be difficult to get the mix right to please everyone involved. Also, this type of party calls for far less bass and lights. In the past few years, I have performed several 40 and 50 year Silver Anniversary parties as well as the Greenwood Class Reunion for 1959. Please call and I will provide you with specific references.

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Having Graduated myself from High School in 1987, I am the perfect choice for your 10, 15 and 20 year class reunions. This was my era, so I know the tunes from first hand experience. Because of this and the fact that my light show is better than those of many local clubs, it give your classmates all the more reason to keep the party going instead of moving it (after a drink or 2) to another location.  I also take the time to research the year or years close to the year we are celebrating.  I find trivia or songs specifically from that year to help bring back those fond memories.

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Typically, these types of get-togethers will produce vast varieties of ages and musical tastes. Mixing the right music sets to keep everyone in attendance happy can be quite challenging. I have lots of holiday style music. With the limited amount of quality DJs around, these shows seem to book the quickest. It is never too early to book for Christmas, Halloween or Valentimes or any other holiday party.

They say that music calms the savage beast…you should see what it does to ghosts and goblins.

New Year's Eve can be one of the biggest parties all year. It would be a shame to get all dressed up just to go to a dead party and sit on your thumbs. Whether it is a private party or a dance held as part of a Hotel or state park's package deal, the entertainment is what drives the party. Book Music in Motion and Ring the New Year in Right!

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Be it a "Sweet 16" bash, picnic, sidewalk sale, or any other special event, music can make things run smoother and be more fun for everyone involved. An experienced DJ / KJ can be the perfect ticket to insuring that your event is a success and not a disaster. Not only are my experiences invaluable during the actual event, my foresight can be the difference in preventing a problem and having to deal with it on a tight time schedule.

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