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Unless otherwise discussed, the initial rate that I quote you, always includes DANCE FLOOR LIGHTS.  Some DJ companies will entice you with an inexpensive base rate show, only to bump up your cost with add-ons like lights.  "Oh, you  wanted a steering wheel with your car?"  I think this is despicable! Lights can be a crucial component in the success of your event; so, I think it is important to include it and not make it an option.  I also feel like you deserve my best show every time, which is another reason I make my base rate include lights.  If lights might help make your party more fun, why would I want to leave them out in the trailer? I will say that I only use them if appropriate.  For example, if you plan your event to be in the afternoon.  Unless you make plans to cover all the windows and make the room dark, I won't set up the lights.  The natural lighting would render them useless.

I have one of, if not the most impressive lighting and special effects packages in the region. I have the ability to be as big or as small as you want. I add new light fixtures and/or special effects every year so I have a wide range of tools in my bag. My arsenal include LED Par Cans, a 20’’ Mirror Ball, Martin Intelligent Lights (812 Scanners), Mega Strobes, an 800 watt Black Light, Moonflowers, Lasers and even a LOGO Projection Light. My special effects include Bubbles, Haze, Smoke, Fog and even a Confetti Launcher.

The lights you see at the top are the ones that I use at 70% of my shows. These are appropriate to fill the room and light an average sized dance floor for up to 250 people. They allow me to change the moods and make it fun!

I use the light bar for the smaller shows (typically 200/250 or less) and the 10 foot truss for the larger shows (typically 250 or more). I may also use the truss for other reasons. Suppose I am doing a show that includes Karaoke. In this situation, I will hang a 32’’ TV in the middle for my singers to use. I also want the ability to have lights directed back at the singer. I create a stage and put the spot lights on them. This is also the case when the party includes an entertainer like a comedian.

I will give you a few examples that would be typical:

Suppose you wanted to have a Wedding Reception in Eureka Springs Arkansas for 90 guests and your main goal is classy and elegant. I would use the T-Bar. There will be 4 LED par cans that will twinkle to the beat of the fast songs or be used as solid dim lights during the slower song. I would include 1 or 2 motion lights to add variety for the fast songs.

Supposed you wanted a 90 guest reception, but told me you planned an open bar and wanted it to be a blow out party. I would use the same T-Bar with the same lights, but I would add a laser light and a strobe. I might also add Haze to enhance the lights.

Now, let’s suppose you wanted to have a party for a fraternity or corporate function in Fayetteville AR for 200+ guests and your goal was to make it as much like a night club as possible. I would set up a 10 Foot truss. On the truss we would put a mega strobe; 8 larger par cans able to cover a large floor; a 1000watt black light; 2 motion lights; 4 Martin 812 intelligent lights with moving mirrors; and a 20' mirror ball.

One of my slogans is “Invite My Party To Your Party!” You will hear entertainers say “Party In A Box”. Both basically mean the same: that I bring all the makings for an incredibly fun party – LIGHTS are a big part!

Lighting, Video & Effects

There are a few things I offer other than KARAOKE to add on that can really put your night over the top. These include Name in Lights, Uplights, Video screen, Video Projector and Bubbles.

Name In Lights:
This is where I make a slide to put into a special lighting fixture that is personalized for you and your event. The most common of these is at a reception and is the bride and groom’s name. It can also be your company's name, or whatever - pretty much any picture or text. Once I make the slide, I will project it during the night at you event. This can really personalize the night and make for some fun pictures. Name In Lights is $50.

This is an amazing new feature – one that really can give your event that WOW factor! This used to be only available to the wealthy, but with the new LED lighting it has become an affordable option for any event. It is hard to convey in words just how big an impact Uplighting can have. Close your eyes and imagine the color you have chosen for your event – say PURPLE. Now imagine as you walk into the room where you are to have your event and the entire room has that PURPLE color. This is what Uplights can do for you. Basically, you pick the color and the number of Uplights needed for your room. Before you get to the event, I strategically place these small fixtures around the room, on the floor, pointed upwards towards the ceiling. The light remain on during the entire event and will shine on the wall and the ceiling in the color you have selected. The look is amazing! It really adds a warm feel to the room and the entire event. This also can make your pictures look incredible. Uplights are 10 for $300 or 20 for $500.

Video Screen and/or Projector:
This is also one of the newer trends. Many receptions and corporate events are seeing slides shows or videos during the dinner portion. At receptions they may go back and show childhood pictures, dating pictures, engagement pictures and sometimes even pictures from the wedding. At corporate events you might show pictures of the staff or different teams throughout the recent years, retired employees, etc. I have seen slide shows created in PowerPoint. I have seen complete video montages made. This is even an excellent option if you are having KARAOKE. At a karoke event, the screen allows the words to be huge and allows the audience to easily sing along. The point is, for any of these, you need a projector and a screen to make it happen. I can set up the screen and projector. Keep in mind that the darker the room, the better the video will show up. The pricing on this add on depends on how much I do. If you use your laptop or DVD player with a slide show you have created and all I do is set up the video screen and projector for you to use, it is $100. If you want me to do the pictures for you, I can. You simply supply me with pictures on a thumb drive 2 weeks prior to the event. I will create a photo montage that will randomly show your pictures for another $75.

This is just what it sounds like. If you want bubbles at your event, I can make it happen! I put the bubble blower on the light bar and direct it towards the dance floor. For a few special dances, we can fill the floor with bubbles. Bubbles are $50.

All of these add on items are available individually or in special packages:


Silver Package - $450
This package include 10 Uplights with your color choice, your Name In Lights a Screen and/or Projector to show a video or slide show from your computer or you can send me up to 50 JPG images and I will show them through my System.

Gold Package - $650
This package include 20 Uplights with your color choice, your Name In Lights, a Screen and/or Projector to show a video or slide show from your computer or you can send me up to 75 JPG images and I will show them through my System.

Al La Cart Menu
$300 - 10 Uplights
$500 - 20 Uplights
$50 - Name In Lights
$100 - Screen and/or Projector Only (Your DVD Player Or Laptop)
$175 - I do up to 50 JPG Images through my system + Screen and Projector
$50 - Bubbles
$75 - Karaoke


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