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"A Sound Investment!"

You and your guest's chance to be the star!

Karaoke is the phenomenon that is sweeping the nation. Everyone has heard of it! Now you can make it a part of your reception or party. Whether you plan your entire party around karaoke or just plan to mix it in between dance sets; it can definitely make the night more interesting.

I bring everything you need for the karaoke to be simple and fun. I bring 10 songbooks that have the songs listed by artist and by title to pass out among your guests. In each songbook there are pens and request slips; so all your guests have to do is select the song, write it down, write down their name, and be ready to sing. I also bring a TV that display the words for your singers.  I have found that the crowd has much more fun when they can sing along; so, if you have the option to use a TV at the venue, let me know and I will bring all of the needed cables to hook it in.  

All of my sound equipment is state of the art. I play all of the songs through a computer program called DJPOWER.  It is one of the best and most expensive programs on the market.  I also have cordless microphones so your guests are never restricted by cumbersome cords. These microphones have a wide pickup range, so you can hold the microphones between several singers and be able to hear them all. Your guests can sing in there seats, up on a stage or as they walk around. They are as free as a bird - A SONG BIRD! All the sound is played through Professional, crystal clear, JBL Speakers. I even place a monitor by the stage so the singers can hear the music without it feeding back.

I also bring an awesome selection of songs for you and your guests to choose from. I currently have thousands of titles and my library is always growing! My songs include the the old classics like Margaritaville, Friends in Low Places, Grease, I Will Survive, and Old-Time Rock N Roll. Unlike many Karaoke DJs or KJs, I also have a ton of current releases and hip hop tunes like Pictures (Kid Rock and Sheryl Crow), Ice Ice Baby, Tootsie Roll, Blurry (Puddle of Mud), Without Me (Eminem), and With Arms Wide Open (Creed). I also have several songs that are duets. On the Duets, the male part is in Blue and the female part is in Pink; so, there is no confusion on the different parts. I perform karaoke shows for lots of college parties and High School events; so, you will find that my selection is much wider than many KJs (karaoke jocks) out there.

I am not the type of KJ that will steal the show either. As a matter of fact, unless someone specifically requests me to sing - I DON'T SING AT ALL. I feel like it is your show/event and your guests didn't come to hear the KJ sing, they came to get to sing themselves. My goal is to make THEM the STAR !

Karaoke is the only thing that I offer as an add-on.  It is not part of the regular show and not included in the regular fee. There is so much extra equipment; I only use karaoke when the host of the reception/party requests it. To add karaoke to your event, there is a one-time fee of $75. This is merely for the extra equipment and time required to set it up and tear it down. Karaoke does not affect any of the other fees. Regardless of whether you have karaoke or not, the booking fee is the same ($150) and should you request extra time at the end of the show, it is still a flat $75 and hour.

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