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"A Sound Investment!"

Make Your Dance Fun with Music In Motion Mobile DJ! I have what it takes to make your dance the best it can be! First of all, check out my Bio page. I am one of youngest local DJs, with a professional sound and lights show. Age is important! When you request a slow song to dedicate, you want something cool like "I Wanna Know" by Joe or "Slow Jam" by Monica and Usher or even "Truly, Madly, Deeply" by Savage Garden, not something by KC and the Sunshine Band, Kenny Rogers, or Elvis. Not that they aren't good artists, I just know that isn't what YOU what to dance to. I am in the clubs, I actually like to dance, and I even know that Snoop Dog isn't a cartoon character.

My background is in clubs, spinning the hottest and most current hits out there. I bring over 2200 CDs worth of music. Not only do I play current tunes, but I play and create remixes and medleys. If you click on the buttons at the bottom of this page you can hear what I am talking about. Remixes make the dance special! Unlike my competitors, not all of my music can be heard on local radio stations.
My lighting and special effects are all top notch - check them out in the lighting and special effects section. I have Strobes, Lasers, Beacons, a Huge Black Light and enough Fog to make London jealous! It is just like going to a club.

And as for sound - Let's just say that my system R O C K S ! The music sounds awesome but it FEELS even better. I have enough bass to make the hair on your arms stand up.
When you hire a Disc Jockey you will get what you pay for. There are cheaper shows out there, but how many dances do you have in a year? Do you want a dance that is just okay or do you want to have one that is talked about for months to come? Especially for a prom, don't you want to make it special for the Seniors? After spending the money on the tuxes, formal dresses, flowers, and dinner, why would you scrimp on the entertainment? What does Prom mean? . . dinner? . . . fashion show? . . .or the Senior's last PARTY as a high scool student!! Your entertainer will be the difference between a memorable dance and a flop. Hire me and hear (and feel) the difference!

Send me an e-mail and ask how to get a free or discounted dance for your school!!

karaokeYou should also consider
karaoke for an after prom or after graduation party. My karaoke library is constantly updated and has many of the new artists. Dances are fun, but when you throw in some karaoke, it can really be a blast. I bring TVs, songbooks, 3 cordless microphones and everything else you need. You can add karaoke to any show for just $75. If you check out some of the pictures on the “PAST SHOWS” page, you can see how much fun other groups have had.

If you are looking for a good idea to make a school dance more fun, let me help. Not only can I help you throw a theme party; I can give you great ideas to make a dance profitable (if you are trying to raise money for something). For example, I helped a junior class plan a homecoming GLOW DANCE. I have access to several suppliers where I can buy glowing items at cost. They bought lots of GLOW items and sold them at the dance. Yes, we had the typical 4-inch sticks, but we also had earrings, belly rings, mouth wafers, necklaces, and bracelets. I also helped them design a 2 color T-shirt that they took preorders for and sold. We had a few events during the dance where we offered prizes. None of the items were expensive, but all in all, they raised almost $1000 and had fun doing it. That night, the students were encouraged to wear their function shirts and/or lots of white. I broke out the lasers, the black lights and the fog. It was wild, unlike anything they had ever done!

Lastly, I have a message for the cheerleaders and drill squads. I have made several medleys for dance routines and I would be happy to make one for your squad. I have even made some used by the dance squad at the University of Arkansas. If you would like to hear an example of some of my work, go to the
Remixes page. Either you or have your sponsor send me an email or give me a call.

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