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Sean Hearn, Your DJ For Hire I got my start when I attended college at the University of Arkansas in Fayetteville. A humble start it was. Armed with a small Radio Shack mixer and home stereo equipment, I began playing Greek functions and hall parties in 1987. After graduating with a Marketing degree in 1991, I accepted a sales position with a major poultry company in Salisbury, Maryland. There I teamed up with another young DJ and began playing gigs up and down the east coast. During the summer months, the majority of these shows were at clubs and pubs between Rehobeth Beach, Delaware and Ocean City, Maryland like Smitty McGees and the Green Turtle. The rest of the months were spent playing smaller private functions like wedding receptions, corporate parties and school dances. These shows included mostly music and offered very few lights and/or special effects. I credit much of my success today, to my early experiences playing at the clubs and pubs at the beach. The crowds in these venuesSean Hearn, Your DJ For Hire were as diverse as can be imagined. One night might be a large tourist group consisting of people aged 30 to 60 and the next night might be all college kids. Not only was I required to have a large library consisting of music from many eras, but I was also required to deal first hand with all types of patrons.

In January, 1996, I again moved. This time I headed back to my college town of Fayetteville, Arkansas. There I built a new sound system and continued to perfect my craft playing receptions and school dances. In 1997, I added lighting and special effects along with karaoke and greatly expanded my scope of possibilities.

In 1998, I made another move back to my hometown area of Fort Smith. By this time, I had compiled one of the largest special effects packages in the region. My impact on the area was immediate. Not only did I continue to play private functions, but I also began making cameo appearances at places like Beethoven's (Holiday Inn), 5th Seasons, Silks, and on the radio - the Friday Night Dance Show on MIX96.  In 2005, I had an 8 month residency at the Electric Cowboy in Fort Smith.  I created a dance party every Thursday night.  The main theme was the 90s era mixed with trash disco and a few new cuts.  Although I had become quite a fixture in the Fort Smith area, I never lost my love for the people in the Fayetteville area. With the opening of the new road, I played about as many shows up in Northwest Arkansas as I did in my hometown of Fort Smith.  I also found that I was getting lots of calls by out of towners to play in Eureka Springs.  The Crescent Hotel, Basin Park Hotel, and Best Western's Inn Of The Ozarks all in Eureka Springs quickly became a large portion of my business.  I also started doing sound and lighting installs.  I had a hand in the original install or updating equipment in such places as Shooters Bar and Grill, Area 51, Silks Nightclub, 57 Chevys and several churches and homes.

In 2007, I moved back to Fayetteville.  I had found that the majority of my shows were in Northwest Arkansas and in Eureka Springs and the decreased driving time was welcomed.  I have always been a huge Razorback supporter and loved the area; so, the move was an easy one.

Sean Hearn, DJI am a consummate professional who loves what I do and am always striving for perfection. While Music in Motion is definitely a business, I purposely restrict my number of annual performances to an average between 50 and 60. This keeps me fresh and always anxiously anticipating my upcoming performances. I have an ever-growing music library that in March of 2000 was an astounding 2021 CDs. While I do miss some of the trickery and creativity possible with vinyl, I definitely don't miss the extra weight. With today's technology, there are other ways to achieve similar results. In 1998, I added the Denon Digi-Scratch Mixer.Sean Hearn, DJ This allowed me to take a main stream dance song like "Men in Black," "Mumbo #5," "Push It," etc., and create a new sound. The over all song, tempo, and lyrics remain the same, but the bass line and feel of the song is much improved. My Dance crowds loved it! So, be it an on the spot remix, a medley created in my home studio and burned on CD, or one of the old traditional favorites like "YMCA," I always bring a full bag of tricks to spice up and personalize your special event and make it unforgettable.  I have continued to perfect my craft by attend DJ / KJ conventions in Las Vegas NV, Knoxville TN, Atlantic City, NJ and Atlanta, GA. 

In the November edition of Mobile Beat Magazine, an international publication devoted to DJs and Entertainers, I was given the distinction of Odessy Case All-Star. This honor is given to a select (usually 12 to 15) number of entertainers annually who the magazine feels are at the top of their game. Mobile Beat considers the entertainers' abilities, equipment, and overall customer satisfaction. 

In 2008, I dove into the digital  revolution.  I purchased, what I felt was the most dependable and updated software package to manipulate MP3s - DJ POWER.  I then built a super computer to run the program and store my music.  I took the better part of a year to convert my CDs in MP3s.  As I learned the program, I slowly started to include it in my shows.  For a year, I carried my computer and all of my CDs.  I found that I missed the hands on feel of CDs (as I did when I left Vinyl) but that the computer allowed me to be faster to respond to my crowds.  If I got a song request - a quick search would find the song and allow me to include it in the mix, in many cases, before they had even left my stand.  The computer also gave me a working list after every show that I could analyze and find ways to improve.  The computer was very helpful with my karaoke too.  Before, I had to bring an whole different collection of music - CDGs.  Now that I convert the karaoke music into MP3+g with DJ POWER, I am able to always have it with me.  Of course I still needed to set up the extra equipment like the TVs, but now if my clients decide they want to include it the day of the event - I can.  Once I was comfortable with the new set up, I bought a laptop and installed a different software program and my complete music library.  This insures I always a back up incase of an issue.


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